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5 Ways To Close A Letter

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    Looking for how to end a letter? We will help you to write a well-structured professional letter by providing example, format and tips.

    Letter writing is thought of by many as an art form. It is the process of taking information and often feelings and trying to relay them to someone else by means of paper or in this day and age computer.

    Taking the time to be sure that the letter is giving all the information in the manner that you want is vital to being a successful letter writer.

    Equally as important as the opening and the body of the letter is the closing of the correspondence.

    There are a few ways to close a letter and determining the best one for your situation is an important part of closing the tone of the letter that you want to give your reader.

    “Love” or “Truly”

    Deciding what type of letter you have written will have a direct bearing on the closing you choose for your letter.

    If you have written a personal letter to someone who you have known for some time or that you know very well such as a good friend or a family member you are close with it is perfectly acceptable to close the letter by using an informal closing such as “Love” or “Truly”.

    Signature only

    Ending a letter without a closing and simply signed with your name is often done when the letter is very informal and used for communications with someone you know extremely well.


    For a slightly more formal letter but one that you are sending to someone with whom you have a relationship such as your child’s teacher or another parent that you are not very close you may want to consider using a closing such as “Sincerely”.

    This shows a bit of respect but is also friendly in manner and tone.

    “Yours Sincerely”

    “Yours Sincerely” is one of the ways to close a letter that can really be used for many purposes.

    It can be used for formal letters relating to business or it can be used for a less formal letter in which you want to convey respect.

    “Truly Yours” or “Best Regards”

    There are other ways to close a letter based on the ending tone you want for the letter. You could choose to use such things as “Truly Yours” or “Best Regards” to set the tone of the closing based on what you are feeling toward the individual you are writing to.

    Keep in mind that the last thing that they will read is your closing and you want it to be true to what you are intending to express throughout the letter.

    Make sure that you are polite and show proper grammar in whatever you choose for a closing.

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