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Apartment Lease Renewal Letter

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    Looking for apartment lease renewal letter? You may want to continue staying in the same apartment after the end of the lease term. It then requires you to let your landlord know of your intentions and you should do so before the expiry of the current lease.

    You need to inform your landlord through writing a lease renewal letter. Before writing the letter, make sure that you’ve read and understood the current lease agreement on terms regarding the renewal steps.

    There may be deadlines on renewing as well as changes in the rent prices. However, you have the right to work out a deal on the changes you may wish made in the new lease terms. These changes may consist of prolonging the lease period, the monthly rent payment or making a few adjustments or repairs on the apartment.

    After you’ve understood the terms and are satisfied with them, you then write the lease renewal letter. In your letter, be brief and fast. Make sure your letter is right to the point so that it is easily understood.

    It is important to take a second look at your letter and edit out any mistakes in grammar and spelling before signing and sending it.

    After the landlord receives your letter, he then prepares a new lease which you go through carefully and sign after both you and the landlord have come to an agreement on the terms of the contract. Below is a sample apartment lease renewal letter.

    Apartment Lease Renewal Letter Template

    (Name of Tenant)
    (Address of Tenant)


    (Name of Landlord)
    (Address of Landlord)

    Dear (Landlord name),

    I write to inform you that I intend to renew my apartment lease for another year effective from 31st December 2011.

    Please do contact me any time it is convenient for you so that we may discuss the terms of the new lease.

    Thank you for your time and review regarding this matter.

    Yours Sincerely,


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