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Authorization Letter For Collection

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    An authorization letter for collection of documents, merchandize or any other items must be formal and written with to dispel any fear and doubt when received by the addressee.

    Such a letter should indicate the proper identification of the bearer as stated on the national identity card or passport. The letter is a formal document that can be presented to court; therefore you should not include any personal statements.

    You must give the correct information when writing an authorization letter for collection of items, goods, documents or money. Such a letter assigns a third-party the task of performing an official transaction on your behalf.

    You must also state the reason as to why you have chosen to authorize another person to act on your behalf. Once received, the addressee hands over responsibility of the items to the collector, who ensures that they are safely delivered to final destination.

    Authorization letters for collection of items can be issued to banks, insurance companies, suppliers, or any other business transactions.

    The following is the template of an authorization letter for collection issued to a bonded ware house.

    Example Of Authorization Letter For Collection

    Property Owner’s Name
    Property Owner’s Address


    Warehouse Manager
    Warehouse’s Name
    Warehouse’s Address

    Dear Sir/Madam,


    Due to a busy schedule, am unable to collect the items (mention goods) in person. Am on transit to (mention destination) and will not be back until (mention period). I therefore have authorized (mention name) to collect the items on my behalf and deliver them safely to my warehouse.

    Hand over to him (mention the items), that has been under your custody since (mention period).

    Please, make all the necessary effort to assist him during transit of the items, as has always been the case.

    Yours Faithfully,
    (Your name and signature)

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