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Authorization Letter To Sell Property

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    An authorization letter to sell property is written by the property owner, passing over the powers of attorney to a third-party to access, determine and sell off a property. The owner must take good care that the person authorized to sell the property is one of good reputation and trust.

    Such a letter is a legal entity temporarily exchanging the powers of attorney from the owner to the owner’s representatives, although the owner retains the right to ownership. The authorized person is limited only to the transaction process, and reports back to the owner of the property in the event of success or failure.

    When writing an authorization letter to sell property, the owner should be careful to safeguard against possible arguments and legal actions in the event of a misunderstanding.

    The letter should be straight to the point and specify the actions of the representative during the transaction process. Some property owners allow their representatives to receive money on their behalf; others do not.

    The following is a sample of authorization letter to sell property written by the owner of a commercial house, to the relevant authorities.

    Example Of Authorization Letter To Sell Property

    (Owner’s name)
    (Owner’s Address)


    Subject: Authorization To Sell Property

    I (mention owner’s name) of (mention owner’s address), authorizes Mr. (mention representative’s name) of (mention representative’s address) to access, evaluate and sell off property found at (mention property’s address).

    Mr. (mention representative’s name) is my official agent with powers to look into and make necessary changes for the transaction terms and conditions.

    This letter is therefore meant to grant full powers to (mention representative) to represent my interests during the sale of the property. However, it is important to note that the buyer shall pay directly to the owner either by cash or through an interbank transaction.

    Yours Faithfully,
    (Name and signature)

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