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Sample Bid Rejection Letter

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    Looking for sample bid rejection letter? We will help you to write a well-structured professional letter by providing example, format and tips.

    Bid rejection letter is written to inform your vendor that their bid for your account was not successful.

    Deliver the news with an honest appreciation for their efforts to maintain good relationship with the vendor.

    Close the letter with an upbeat statement of a wish for a future venture together.

    Remember to proofread and eliminate grammar and spelling errors in the end of letter writing.

    Notice of Proposal Rejection

    (Print Bid Rejection Letter on Corporate Letterhead)


    (Vendor Name)
    (Vendor Position Title)
    (Vendor Company Name)

    Dear (Name),

    Thank you for submitting your bid for the construction project of the Mega Tower in response to our request.

    We appreciate the great work and deal of time you put in for this bid.

    However, we regret that we are unable to accept your proposal and work together in future on our current project due to the board members approved a plan from another vendor based on the vendor’s schedule.

    We welcome your firm to bid in our future projects which will be launching soon.

    Thank you once again for your proposal.

    Yours Sincerely,

    (Position Title)

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