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Blood Donation Request Letter

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    Looking for blood donation request letter? We will guide you by giving example, format and tips which will help you in business letter writing.

    Blood donation request letter can be written to friends or colleagues under emergency in search for the right donor.

    Explain the connection of the person who needs the blood donation and the urgency of the request.

    State the blood donation requirement as well as the procedure in the request followed by the appreciation in the end of the letter.

    Do a proofread and eliminate grammar and spelling errors in the blood donation request letter.

    Sample Platelet Request Letter

    Dear everyone,

    A dear colleague of ours needs help for blood platelet donation for her husband who is undergoing treatment for blood cancer (lymphoma).

    A few of our colleagues have donated but we still need more. Some did not pass the screening due to medical conditions. For platelet donation, it can be any blood type.

    The requirement for platelet donation:
    – any blood type
    – under no medication (diabetes, blood pressure, etc.)
    – not underweight

    Procedure is to screen/test first. Platelet donation is not like blood donation where it cannot be stored for long.

    Once you have passed the screening, your name will be on the standby list and when the platelet is required, the doctor will call you.

    Currently, we are in urgent need of more platelet donors to be on standby.

    The procedure for platelet donation:

    Go to (hospital name) during office hours or lunch time only for blood platelet screening.

    Do mention patient’s name (name) who is the husband of our colleague under the care of Dr. (name) so it can be channeled accordingly.

    Please help our colleague who is in dire need of our help and spread the word around.

    Thank you.

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