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Sample Business Memo

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    Looking for sample business memo? The primary purpose of the business memorandum (commonly referred to as a memo) is to allow timely communication to a large number of employees or other members of an organization.

    Most versions of Microsoft Word have memo templates available for use. Simply click on File – New – Memo and you will find these templates fits a variety of style with professional headers and fill-in fields.

    Business memo may be used to convey information such as policy changes, personnel changes, project status update or increased offering of products and services.

    So what does a business memo contain? The answer is very simple: a header and a body.

    Use the following business memo example as a guideline for the interoffice communications.

    Business Memorandum Format

    (Print Corporate Letterhead in Business Memo Header)


    To: All Staff of (Company Name)

    From: (Name), (Position Title)

    Date: 30 September 2010

    Subject: Appointment Of Head of Regional

    Mr. Bradley has been appointed as Head Of regional effective 30 September 2010. He will be developing our company business in Hong Kong and China.

    He has a vast amount of experiences in setup and maintain the oversea business operations and worked for one of the company listed in Fortune 500.

    Please join us in wishing Mr. Bradley all the best in his new roles and we look forward to all staff extending their full co-operation to him.


    (Position Title)

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