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Sample Business Proposal Letter

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    Looking for sample business proposal letter? Learn how to produce a business proposal to increase your business prospects and avoid an economic downturn.

    Writing a business proposal letter is more commonly associated with business and you need to use effective persuasion techniques that will turn your proposal into profit generator.

    Business proposal persuade the reader to take an action, whether you want to convince a customer to buy a new product or persuade the bank to give you a loan.

    Several types of business proposal help business managers and entrepreneurs do business.

    Business proposal letter should be printed on high quality paper and professional design company letterhead.

    Business Proposal Letter Template

    Dear (Client Name),

    In an IT department, there are many things that you need to take care off. The one thing that you might be concerned about is how you could cut down on your server management costs.

    You have a target set to get down the costs by say 20% every month. The new technology such as virtualization, cloud computing, server consolidation and many more can help you to achieve that and we will help you at our end.

    We will review and analyze every single of your current system and provide a comprehensive report on whether they can adopt any of these cost saving technology.

    The enclosed proposal outlines the details of what we’ll do and how successful we’ve been at doing this for other company.

    We guarantee you’ll save no less than 10% per year savings as a result of our proposed idea.

    I look forward to hear from you after review our proposal.



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