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5 Key Techniques For Business Writing

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    Looking for key techniques to business writing? This article covers part of the basic writing by providing example and tips.

    In business, clarity is everything. You must be able to communicate your thoughts and ideas clearly if you hope to have an impact at work or with your business associates.

    Business writing is not the same as other types of writing. It must be clear but concise and convey a level of professionalism at all times.

    Use these five business writing techniques to help you create reports, emails, articles, and other types of content that has the clarity needed to get your point across.

    Proofread your writing

    The most common mistake people make is failing to proofread their work for clarity, spelling errors, and grammar mistakes.

    Many a promising career has been hurt by putting the wrong word in the wrong place. Take time to proofread and edit your work.

    If you are not able to do this yourself and then have someone you trust does it for you.

    Use short sentences and paragraphs

    Shorter sentences are quicker to read. Short paragraphs break up the content in to easy to digest nuggets.

    Another tip is to use different layouts to provide some variety. For example, after a few paragraphs insert some bullet points. This will make the material visually more interesting.

    Get to the point quickly

    As many business people will tell you, time is money. The quicker you get to the point of your proposal, article, or email, the quicker people are able to start making decisions or completing tasks.

    You certainly want to hook their attention with a great opening, particularly when it comes to presentations.

    However, respect everyone’s time by getting to the crux of the issue as soon as possible.

    Avoid using jargon or big words

    Of all the business writing techniques, word choice will be the most challenging.

    There is a tendency in the business community to use big $10 words or corporate speak to make the material seem more impressive.

    More often than not, though, they cause confusion. Use plain language whenever you can. Let the reader be impressed by your idea, not your vocabulary.

    Use active verbs as much as possible

    Active verbs convey a sense of movement and make your writing more exciting to read.

    Instead of saying, “John helped his team achieve victory” use “John led the team to victory.”

    There are more business writing techniques which you can use to make your articles and presentations sound great.

    Do a little bit of research and find the ones that work best for you.

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