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Sample Condolence Letter For Death Of Father

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    Death is a time of dismay for all the family members. A few words of love and sympathy at these times mean a lot to the grieving family. The tone of the condolence letter must be consoling and comforting so that it may have a healing effect on the bereaved.

    It is always good to mention some good qualities and good memories of the person who passed away. Try to convey your love and support for the bereaved family.

    One must make sure not to write anything hurtful, even unintentionally. Never offer financial help to the bereaved because it might sound rude in most cases.

    Below is a letter written to a friend whose father passed away a few days back.

    Example Of Condolence Letter For Death Of Father

    Dear Matt,

    I just heard about the death of Mr. Johnson from your brother George. It was really shocking to hear about him. I just met Mr. Johnson two weeks back at the Art Gallery. He looked absolutely fit and healthy and was talking about his plans to buy a new car.

    I’ve had some wonderful memories with Mr. Johnson. He was an active member of the golf club, and helped many beginners like me to understand the technicalities of the game.

    He always kept the environment around himself so light and cheerful with his jokes and humor.

    He was also a very charitable person. My sister told me about his contributions to her hospital for the treatment of poor and helpless people. He was a wonderful human being. I never heard him talking ill about anyone.

    I know it’s a tough time for you and your family. I pray to the almighty to give you strength and courage during these times of distress and sorrow.

    Be strong and try to keep a positive atmosphere in the house. May Mr. Johnson’s soul rest in peace. Amen.

    Warmest regards and love,
    Jason Greene

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