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Sample Consent Letter From Parents

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    A consent letter from parents is a letter that gives permission to a given group to have their children participates in a given activity. Please refer the sample as below for reference.

    Name of the Group

    [Month, Day, Year]

    Dear Guardians or Parents:

    [Name of coordinating organization] and Together on the Move (a youth based organization based in Nairobi, Kenya) are organizing a camp for the youth at the outskirts of Nairobi.  We are talking directly with parents and young people in the [Nairobi] area and the other counties of Kenya.

    Your daughter has been chosen to participate in a group discussion which is no doubt going to empower her and teach her on how best to relate to other teenagers especially of the opposite sex. We believe communication is very important in the development of your child’s strong relationship and how she relates with her peers. It is important to get views from teenagers and get their various reactions on various issues that are known to affect them. We therefore believe that this group discussion is going to enlighten your daughter on the various teenage relationships and help them make informed choices in future.

    We bring to your attention that your daughter participation in this group discussion is voluntary. We will only allow her to answer question that she is comfortable with. The group discussion will be aired live on the youth channel so that the other teenagers who are not able to attend the group discussion also benefit.

    Your child needs your full consent to participate in this discussion. The teenagers will be grouped into small groups of about eight people. We therefore request that you pay a facilitation fee of $20 for your daughter.

    We therefore request you to complete the attached permission slip and hand it over to your daughter to return it to us [person] no later than [date].

    For queries or any concerns about this group discussion we urge you to contact the local focus group coordinator.

    Local Coordinator
    Cell phone

    Yours’ Sincerely,


    Permission Form from Parents or Guardians

    Month, Day, Year

    My child, ___________________________________________________

    (please print your child’s name clearly)

    ______         May participate in the focus group

    ______         May NOT participate in the focus group

    I comprehend that my daughter is responsible for her own transportation to and from the group discussion.


    Parent/Guardian (print)

    ___________________________________        ________________

    Parent/Guardian (signature)                                  Date

    Emergency contact:   ____________________         _____________________

    Name (print)                                                               Telephone

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