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How To Write An Event Invitation Letter

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    Looking for sample event invitation letter? This letter is written to certain people referred to as guests to attend a given event or occasion.

    If you want to invite a friend who lives far away for your graduation or Thanksgiving party, then writing an invitation is the right and best approach to take.

    An event invitation letter can either be sent through the snail mail or electronically via the electronic mail.

    As below is the example of event invitation letter. Feel free to modify it based on your needs.

    Example Of Event Invitation Letter

    Winnie Josfin,
    478 Orthodox Avenue,
    Cape Town, South Africa.

    29th February, 2012

    Phelly Lisa,
    808 Melissa Street,
    875 Durban, South Africa.

    Subject: Graduation Party of My Daughter

    Dear Phelly,

    Kindly refer to the above subject, I am writing you this letter to invite you to my youngest daughter Esther Whitney graduation party that will be held on the 20th of March this year at the Hilton Hotel.

    It will be great to see you there given our long historical family ties. You are one of my great friends and so it will be great to see you at the event.

    I really want you to personally bless my daughter Esther who you helped me raise right from when she was born. You are no doubt like a second father to her; she will no doubt be very excited to see you at the event.

    I hope I will have the opportunity to see you in Durban on this great day not only for our family but your family as well. Your accommodation has already been arranged for in our house guest bedroom.

    I hope you will catch the right flight to attend Esther’s graduation party. In case you need any clarification or need to be furnished with more information kindly call me on my cell phone or drop me an email address. My contacts remain the same.

    Thank you.

    With love,
    Winnie Josfin

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