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How To Write Get Well Soon Letter

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    Looking for sample get well soon letter? This article covers part of the basic letter writing by providing example and tips.

    Write and send a get well soon letter to anyone close to you who had prolonged illness or recovering from surgery operation.

    Try not to underestimate someone’s illness but motivate him/her with wishes for fast recovery.

    Remember that the get well letter inspires hope and more importantly it shows that you are caring.

    In the end, slip the get well soon letter inside flower to add in more personal touch.

    Sample Get Well Soon Letter

    Dear Auntie Annie,

    Glad to hear that you have been discharged from hospital and doing better.

    Having chicken pox is no fun and dad says that we can’t visit you because it’s contagious and I haven’t had it yet.

    But I miss your voice and will call you soon to hear more from you. I don’t think the chicken pox virus will travel through phone lines, yeah?

    Get well soon and we are waiting for you to bring us to picnic again.


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