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How To Create A Fax Cover Letter

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    Looking for how to create a fax cover letter? Using Microsoft Word, you can create a fax cover letter to go with the documents you are sending.

    Faxing even in business, can sometimes be informal. However, when it comes to faxing documents, it’s important to remember that you represent your business with every fax you send.

    The fax coversheet conveys crucial information to the recipient and helps to make sure that your fax is delivered to the appropriate person if it is sent to a multi-person location.

    Creating a fax cover letter using Microsoft Word is a small extra step that you can take to help you look professional. Read on to learn how to create a fax cover letter in Microsoft Word.

    Steps Create A Fax Cover Letter

    Determine the intent and audience of your fax. This will help you decide on a template to use for your fax cover letter

    Open Microsoft Word. Launch Microsoft Word in your computer. Do this by clicking the Start button and selecting the Microsoft Word icon. A blank worksheet will appear when you open Microsoft Word.

    Go to Microsoft Word Help. Microsoft Word Help provides assistance in the use of Microsoft Word. You can also use this to search for fax cover letter templates. Go to Microsoft Word Help by clicking the

    Help menu on the top section of your screen. On the drop-down menu, choose Microsoft Word Help. Another option is to press F1 on your keyboard. You can also use the search box beside the Help menu to launch Microsoft Word Help. Just type the keywords “fax cover letter” or “fax cover sheet”

    Browse the results. Click on a few of the results to take a closer look at each of the templates.

    Decide which template you would like to use and click on the “Download” button at the bottom of the template preview window.

    Fill in the fax cover letter. After downloading, save the template in your computer. Then, begin supplying the fax cover letter with information. Put your company name, the recipient’s name, your and your recipient’s fax numbers, the date, the subject, number of fax pages, and comments.

    Review the fax cover letter. After completing the information, take time to check the fax cover letter. Make sure you put the fax numbers, the company name, and the recipient’s name right. When everything’s okay, send the fax documents with your fax cover letter.

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