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Sample Job Interview Follow Up Letter

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    The purpose of a job interview follow-up letter is to renew contact with the interviewer, prompt them for further information that will assist in subsequent interviews with the company. It will also help the applicant stand out above the competition and move the interviewer to take the next step in the process.

    A good job interview follow-up letter will include:

    • Gratitude expressed for the interview or meeting.
    • The position and a short summary of the applicant’s credentials and qualifications.
    • Request for information or action by the interviewer that is within their scope.
    • Information on how to contact the applicant.

    A good job interview follow-up letter will not:

    • Express anger or resentment toward the company.
    • Attack the interviewer personally.
    • Make demands of the interviewer.
    • Include any mention of bribes, threats or undue influence in any form.

    This letter below is a sample job interview follow-up letter for a customer relations management and sales support position.

    Example Of Job Interview Follow Up Letter

    Dear Ms. Jones,

    Thank you for meeting with me on Monday, July ninth to interview me for the sales assistant position at your Dallas facilities. It was a pleasure meeting with you and your assistant.

    While I am still interviewing for other positions in sales and customer relations since graduating with my MBA in marketing, my experience with your Customer Relations Management software and internship with your suppliers make me an ideal fit with your company.

    Please let me know when the second round of interviews are taking place so that I can avoid schedule conflicts with my other, upcoming interviews. And let me know if I have not made the cut, and I will not bother you any further.

    If you require further information from me or wish to discuss a follow-up interview, please contact me at 817-123-4567 or email me at job.applicant@email.com.

    Thank you again for your time.

    Yours Sincerely,


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