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Sample Legal Letter

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    Looking for sample legal letters? The best way to have a legal letter written is to obtain a lawyer to do it for you.

    Be aware that these sample letters have legal, financial, or other implications. If you are not sure about the use of any letter, consult with an appropriate professional first.

    Legal letters are very important part of one’s life and require special attention. This type of letter need to be crafted to meet the needs of the specific situation.

    Below are a sample of simple legal letter for property purchase. You can alter this sample legal letter to meet your needs.

    This document has important legal consequences. You should seriously consider having it reviewed by an attorney before signing.

    Legal Letter Writing

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    Property Address: (Address)

    Property Description: (Description)

    I/We have inspected the above mentioned property hereby to purchase the above mentioned property on the following terms and conditions:

    1) Purchase Price: USD 300,000
    (US Dollar) Three Hundred Thousand Only

    2) Payment Terms:

    (a) 20% (TWENTY percent) of the purchase price inclusive of earnest deposit, to be payable upon signing of the Sale & Purchase Agreement.

    (b) Balance of 80% (EIGHTY percent) to be payable within THREE (3) months from the date of signing Sales & Purchase Agreement or State Authority’s Consent or Developer’s Consent (if applicable), whichever is later.

    (c) In the event that the Purchaser cannot effect the balance of purchase price within the stipulated time frame, the Purchaser shall be given a grace period of ONE (1) month, subject to interest chargeable at 8% (EIGHT percent) per annum on the unpaid balance sum calculated on day to day basis and shall be payable at the time of settlement of the balance of purchase price.

    3) Vacant Possession: To be given upon full settlement of the purchase price / The property shall be sold with existing tenant(s).

    4) Execution: I hereby undertake to execute the Sale & Purchase Agreement within FOURTEEN (14) working days from the date of acceptance of this offer by the Vendor, failing which the earnest deposit stipulated below shall be forfeited, provided that there is no delay on the part of the Vendor or the Vendor’s solicitors in providing information in regards to the aforesaid property.

    5) Basis: “as is where is” basis.

    6) Title: The registrable title of document shall be free from encumbrances

    7) Other Conditions:

    I/We enclose herewith the sum of USD 6,000 (Cheque No: 456789) equivalent to 2% (TWO percent) of purchase price payable to (Real Estate Company) as stakeholder being the earnest deposit towards the purchase of the aforesaid property. This sum shall constitute as part payment towards item 2(a). I the event that the Vendor rejects this offer, the earnest deposit shall be refunded to me immediately without any interests. If I/We subsequently cancel, withdraw, abort or fail to proceed further in this transaction after the acceptance of this offer by the Vendor, I/We with no objection to let the Vendor forfeit all the deposit we have paid. I/We also undertake to pay the legal and stamping costs of Sale & Purchase Agreement. *All payments shall be in the form of either Bank Draft/Money Order/Cheque made payable only to (Real Estate Company)

    Purchaser(s) Signature


    Witness by



    I/We, the registered proprietor(s) of the aforesaid property hereby accept the Purchaser’s offer on the terms and conditions stated thereof. In the event that I/We refuse to sell the above mentioned property after having accepted this offer, I/We shall immediately refund the earnest deposit to the purchaser(s) plus liquidated damages (compensation) equivalent to the earnest deposit. I/We will bear our own solicitor’s fee and related expenses including the costs incurred in getting the developer’s consent (if applicable).

    Vendor(s) Signature


    Witness by


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