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5 Timeless Letter Writing Techniques

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    With the popularity of email it may seem that letter writing techniques are no longer needed. The reality is they are needed more than ever.

    At some point or another, you will have to contact people you don’t know. Whether that contact is done via email or through more traditional methods is irrelevant.

    Here are a few letter writing techniques to help you communicate clearly and effectively.

    Keep It Simple

    If you are writing to a business, then keep you letter short, concise, and get to the point quickly.

    People are rushed for time these days and are generally unable to spend more than a few minutes reading what you have written.

    Keep it sweet and simple and you are likely to get the response you want.

    Think of the Recipients Needs

    If you want something from the letter recipient, provide them with all of the information they need to respond appropriately.

    For example, if you are writing a letter of complaint to a business, include the relevant details that contributed to the problem and tell them how you want them to resolve the issue to your satisfaction.

    Focus on Readability

    Format the text of your letter so it is easy for the recipient to read.

    Keep paragraphs short, maybe three to four sentences maximum each, and separate the paragraphs with a blank space.

    You may even want to use bullet points to highlight the main ideas.

    Use Straightforward Language

    Don’t give in to the urge to use big $10 words or cutesy language, particularly if you are writing to a professional person or organization.

    The purpose of your letter is to clearly communicate your thoughts. Big words, buzz words, slang, and other informal language can hinder this and make you look bad.

    Impress the reader with your ideas, not your vocabulary.

    Use the Appropriate Format

    Using an appropriate letter format ensures the recipient can find the information they want in the places they expect it.

    For example, in business letter formats the return address is located at the top.

    Since your letter may land on a person’s desk without the envelope, they recipient will still have your address at their fingertips making it easier for them to respond.

    Learning letter writing techniques is a skill that will serve you well in all parts of your life.

    Use this letter writing techniques to help you communicate clearly with the people you connect with in your life.

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