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Parental Consent Letter Template

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    When it comes to providing parental consent, numerous types of letters are common providing permission for specific situations. Ranging from travel consent letters to informed consent letters and everything in between, parents of minor children can find multiple resources providing guidance on legally acceptable consent letters.

    A common example of parental consent letters revolves around minors traveling without a parent or guardian. Many minors travel overseas with school groups, church groups or other organizations and custodial parents or guardians may not always attend.

    In cases like this, it is always good to provide a consent letter for children granting permission to the chaperones or other adults with the party to travel with the minor and make emergency decisions, such as those revolving around health care, in the event of an emergency.

    Parental consent forms range from simple permission slips to more elaborate legal documents. When preparing a consent form for unusual situations or those involving complex custodial agreements, legal advice may be necessary to ensure the letter meets state or national requirements.

    In addition, having a consent letter certified or witnessed provides additional protection for all parties regarding the validity of the letter. A simple template of a parental consent letter for travel is as follows:

    Parental Consent Letter Authorizing Travel


    I [parent or guardian’s name] authorize my child/children, [name(s)] to [event requiring permission] on [dates included] with [authorized adult].

    [Signature of parent or guardian]
    [Parent/Guardian name]
    [Parent/Guardian address]
    [Parent/Guardian telephone number]

    When providing a letter for travel, including information such as flight numbers can also be beneficial. Again, for more complex situations, having the letter notarized or drafted by an attorney may be helpful.

    Most consent letters include common elements, regardless of the purpose of the letter. Elements such as full parental contact information, identifying information about the minor child and details regarding the scope of the granted permission are crucial parts of a parental consent letter.

    Whether the letter covers travel, media usage in the classroom or even permission for a field trip, detailed information protects the adults in charge of the minor child when the parent or guardian is not present while clearly defining the permissions being granted by the parent or guardian.

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