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Sample Appreciation Letter To Employee

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    An appreciation in written words to an employee carries more weight as compared to spoken words. Words vanish in thin air, and can never be traced, to unlike a letter which can be referenced to and create the emotions of appreciation over and over again.

    Employers happy with their employee’s contributions, express their gratitude formally by writing appreciation letters to them.

    In an appreciation letter, an employer can mention the areas which he thought the employee specifically did exemplary well.

    They play an important role in making employees feel much more appreciated and accepted which leads to employee ownership of the company.

    This accounts a lot to the employee’s morale, performance and output. Here is a sample appreciation letter to employee.

    Example Of Appreciation Letter To Employee

    Kent Butler
    Guitar Tutor
    Dolphins Music College
    350 6th Street East,
    St Leo, Minnesota
    United States
    (673) 235-65489

    February 03 2012

    Lemuel Van Adams
    Dolphins Music College
    1015 Winnetka Avenue
    Minneapolis, Minnesota
    United States
    (763) 258-7812

    Dear Kent,

    Indeed, it is a great pleasure to have you as a guitar tutor in Dolphins Music College. Your continued commitment and passion in work has been observed.

    The students love your teaching methods, patience and support that you have shown. It has been observed that fellow staff likes to work with you on projects as you’re a good teammate and quite encouraging.

    Your team work and deep dedication to Dolphins Music College is not, and will never be taken for granted.

    The end term performances were great, but they wouldn’t be, if it were not for the deep commitment you had to the guitar students and the overall band.

    For this and all other contributions, I personally hereby express my sincere gratitude to you. Thank you.

    I hope you can spread the good spirits to your fellow employees. You are an asset to Dolphins Music College.

    We look forward to this relationship being mutually beneficial. Keep up the good work!

    Yours Truly,
    Lemuel Van Adams

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