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Sample Appreciation Letter To Teacher

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    Looking for sample appreciation letter to teacher? We will help you to write a well-structured professional letter by providing example, format and tips.

    It is necessary to write an appreciation letter to the teacher of your son/daughter for making your child more specific from others.

    You can write about all the great things that the teachers have done in your child’s life. In your appreciation letter, note about the details that the teacher has done for your child.

    Also note down, how he/she mould your child and makes him/her more talented and a great child. Always write the appreciation letter very interesting without boring.

    Write all your thoughts simple and easy. Here is the sample appreciation letter to teacher which you can modify based on your situation.

    Example Of Appreciation Letter To Teacher

    (Name of the student)
    (Class where the student is studying)
    (Name of the parent)
    (Name of the school)
    (Address of the student)


    (Name of the teacher)
    (Class where the teacher is teaching)
    (Name of the school)
    (Address of the school)

    Subject: Appreciation letter for getting general proficiency.

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am (name of the parent), father of the name of the student). I am writing this letter to appreciate you for my child’s achievement during this academic year. I am very happy and feel proud about my child’s achievement.

    This all become possible because of your great efforts. My son/daughter now become a good citizen with all good habits and good knowledge because of your teaching. I feel proud of my child and it is all happened because of you only.

    It is a great pleasure for us to appreciate you for my child. I also appreciate you more for making him/her so bold and an obedient child.

    He/She now shines well in all competitions and got prizes only because of you. I wish you all success for your future.

    Thank you.

    Yours Truly,
    (Signature of father or mother)

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