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Sample Appreciation Thank You Letter

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    Looking for how to write an appreciation thank you letter? We often meet people who are ready to put their own work aside in order to help us.

    Later we feel we need to do something to turn the favor and the easiest but indeed the most effective way is to write a letter. Appreciation thank you letter is similar to a thank you note but it is a bit longer.

    It is usually written for business situations. This does not mean there are no such personal letters but their structure is easier and you should not have problems to write one if needed.

    What is important for you to know is that hand-written letters are always more powerful. Try to send it in no more than 7 days after this person has helped you. Be careful with the etiquette. Let it sound naturally and be easy for reading.

    Your introductory sentence should mention the event for which you want to thank. While writing it you need to be sincere and express your feelings.

    Do not address it to a whole company or organization but to an individual person and make sure it is not too long otherwise you may bore the receiver.

    Example Of Appreciation Thank You Letter



    Dear Mrs. Johnson,

    I am a volunteer in the “Help” organization and I am writing this letter because I want to thank you about the donation you did the last week. Our organization is pretty new so you are in fact the first person who showed us that there are people who believe things can change.

    Feel free to come and see the results of your generosity. In addition, with this letter I send you not only my gratitude but also the appreciation of my colleagues.

    Again thank you so much for your help and support and we hope there will be more people like you.

    Yours Sincerely,


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