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Sample Birthday Party Invitation Letter

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    Birthday party invitations range from informal post cards to detailed letters on exquisite stationary. However, there are several rules that apply to any birthday party invitations.

    You have to state when the party will be held and give the starting time in all cases. Include an expected ending time if the party may run late or if the invited individuals may have scheduling conflicts to deal with before they can arrange to come.

    For example, a birthday party planned for an afternoon may need to be finished before rush hour traffic starts, local curfews come into effect or parents need to pick up their children. Clearly indicate where the party will be held.

    Give the name of the venue or owner of the home in addition to the address. Include contact information that allows invitees to respond.

    While it is rude to specifically ask for items in an invitation, you should state in the invitation if donations for a charity will be collected in lieu of gifts or if the celebrant does not want gifts. If the party will include food, it is considerate but not necessary to give a short description of what will be served. This allows individuals with food preferences or limitations to make plans.

    If the invitation says ice cream will be served, those who are lactose intolerant can plan on bringing medicines for it. If the birthday party is planned as a surprise party, state that in the invitation. Conversely, if something is not allowed, whether it is an allergic food or sensitive topic, indicate this in the invitation to prevent the party from becoming problematic.

    Sample Birthday Party Invitation Letter Between Friends

    Dear Leslie,

    I’m inviting you to my 35th birthday. The party will be at 2 PM on August 30th. The party will be held at Major Arcade at 333 Main Street in Our Town.

    The party room is booked from 2PM to 3PM so we can be out of there and back home in time to get the kids from school.

    If you are coming, call me at 123-456-9870.


    Sample Birthday Party Invitation Letter With Coworkers

    To the Quality Control Department,

    Jim Turner is turning 50 this week, and the team lead has decided to hold a surprise birthday party for him. We will all be meeting in the first floor conference room in Wing B on Tuesday at 11 AM.

    The boss is providing cake. We need someone to bring utensils, plates, napkins and any additional snacks. Please call me at 123-456-7777 to confirm that you are coming and to say what you are going to bring.

    No gag gifts, since these may be deemed offensive under corporate policy. We need the party to be finished by 12 noon to get the swing shift started.

    Tina Atkinson
    Administrative Assistant

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