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Sample Business Appreciation Letter

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    A business appreciation letter is a useful tool in building up business relationships. Businesses naturally try to expand business relationships with existing vendors or customers over seeking new customers, given the lower cost of getting new sales and the existing level of trust.

    A business appreciation letter helps generate good will between businesses and staff. What should be included in a business appreciation letter? Address the business professional as a professional. Even if you are a first name basis with the individual, address the letter as you would any member of their firm.

    State how they helped and why you are grateful. Say how this contributes to the business relationship and helps retain your business as a client or generate word of mouth advertising for them. Include your business title in the signature line so that they know your relationship to their business.

    What should not be included in a business appreciation letter? Never suggest any form of price-fixing, kick backs or bribery. All of these acts are illegal. A statement such as ‘thank you for the advice in helping us crush XYZ’; can be used as potential evidence of illegal acts, even if there was no such act.

    Avoid mentioning specific information about ongoing bids or proprietary information. Even if the information they provided on a bid or specifications given is not illegal to share, discussing it in a thank you letter that is uncontrolled and likely shared raises doubts about your discretion in handling sensitive information.

    Remember that thank you letters may be read by assistants, coworkers and mail room staff. If it cannot be discussed in public, such as privileged or confidential information, do not put it in the business appreciation letter. Thanking someone for referring you to a public resource for product pricing information is reasonable.

    Thanking them for the advice on pricing the bid and giving the price point of the project away may be illegal or simply cost your company its right to continue bidding. Below is a sample business appreciation letter.

    Example Of Business Appreciation Letter

    Dear Mr. Connor,

    Thank you very much for helping us with the import paperwork when it was discovered that our vendor had not submitted the right forms.

    Your import-export business solved the problem quickly and resolved all legal hurdles in less than 24 hours, allowing us to get our delivery within two days of our planned delivery date.

    Your help kept our project on schedule. We will remember your high level of service, and I look forward to working with your business in the future.

    Yours Sincerely,

    James Emerson
    Purchasing Manager

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