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Sample Business Invitation Letter

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    Business invitation letters must be formal compared to a personal invitation letter. Aside from this fact, the details of the business invitation are similar to the personal invitation.

    A business invitation letter must answer the following questions. Where is the event? When will the event be held? What is the purpose of the event? Why are you holding the event?

    There are several details that separate business invitations letters from personal invitation letters. The letter should be addressed in a formal letter. Use introductions like “Dear Mr. Li” instead of “Hello Ms. Chavez”.

    Do not use first names in the introduction line unless it is necessary to clarify the identity of the invited party. If you are inviting customers to an event, explain why they are invited. A business invitation letter saying they are invited to a demonstration of your new product comes across as simply marketing if you do not say they are also invited to a party with sampler trays or a bar after the demo.

    Indicate how many people can come with the invitation. Are spouses allowed? Are other employees allowed to attend? Tell them how to respond to the invitation with a refusal, acceptance or questions.

    If you need a response by a certain date in order to place orders for enough food or supplies, state this in the indication. If it is a large event, indicate where parking will be located and any fees for parking there. If the location is not well-known by the invitation recipient, include a map.

    Sample Business Invitation Letter for a Site Visit

    Dear Ms. Madison,

    High-Tech Industries is pleased to inform you that we have agreed to your request for a plant tour. You personally are invited to attend along with up to five peers. You will be allowed to come to the Big City plant on Tuesday, December 4, 2012.

    Please arrive by 1 PM. You can park in the visitor parking lot on the north side of the plant located at 987 High Tech Street. You will enter through the security gate. Your group will then be escorted to my office to start the tour.

    Please submit the names, addresses and phone numbers of all attendees by November 21 so that we can run the necessary background checks. You can call my assistant Neveah Song at 123-456-7890 with this information or fax it to 123-456-7899.

    We look forward to your visit.

    Adam Tech
    Vice President

    Sample Business Invitation Letter for a Product Roll-Out Party

    Dear Mr. Lindsey,

    Our business has enjoyed a banner year thanks to customers like you. We are inviting all of our best customers to get a sneak peek to see the future of our product line.

    Our new moped model will be unveiled at the Our Town convention center on Friday, August 31, 2012 at 2 PM. You are welcome to bring up to ten coworkers to the event. Please RSVP by August 17th to let us know how many are coming with you so that we’ll have enough food on hand.

    You can RSVP by calling my secretary Angela Simmons at 123-456-7890. A map to the venue, located at 123 Sample Street in Our Town, is included with the invitation. Parking is free in the green lot and $3 if you choose to park closer.

    Mr. Executive

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