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Sample Complaint Letter To Landlord

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    Looking for sample complaint letter to landlord? There are quite a number of problems faced by tenants in rented properties. Some complaints arise from the state of a property like a leaking roof, lack of running water, power shortages and bats in the ceiling of the roof.

    Other complaints may arise from the behavior of persons in the neighborhood. Some residents do not take care about the freedom of fellow tenants to enjoy the property.

    A number of times, landlords are faced with challenges of settling complaints arising from booming music, dog bites, and keeping of pets that can endanger others. When you are one of the tenants faced with such challenges, take time off to write to your landlord.

    Many people do not know what to write but this article has included a sample complaint letter to landlord, which should guide you into stating your cause.

    When writing the letter take note of the type of language used; try to be as polite as possible. A polite letter will help you win favor with the landlord and cause a quick action. Below is the sample complaint letter to landlord.

    Example Of Complaint Letter To Landlord

    (Your name)
    (Your present address)


    (Name of landlord)
    (Landlord address)

    Dear (Landlord name),


    I hereby by request you to help fix the water shortages on the premises. It is now the third day that we go without water.

    According to section number seven of the contracts document, it was agreed that you, the landlord shall take full responsibility of the supply of water, electricity and gas to the premises.

    Under that section, my only responsibility is to clear the utility bills accruing from usage.

    I wish to inform you that I have no outstanding bills to clear with the relevant regulatory authorities. I will be happy if my humble request receives a quick action from your side.

    Yours Sincerely,


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