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Sample Condolence Letter For Death Of Mother

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    Searching for sample condolence letter? A mother is the very reason of a person coming to the world and the bond between the mother and the children is altogether different and noble than any other relationship that exists in the world.

    So when that bond is broken due to death, no matter if was an untimely one, old age or for that matter after taking ill for sometime the grief is a profound one and it is customary that a suitable condolence letter is sent to the person even if you know the person for a very brief time.

    Let us look into a sample condolence letter to a person whose mother has passed away.

    Example Of Condolence Letter

    Dear (Name),

    As I mentioned in my conversation with you soon after the news of the sad demise of your mother, I still couldn’t believe that such a wonderful person is no more alive. With deep and profound grief let my express my condolence to you on the death of your beloved mother on (date).

    During my school days and later when I am in the city on college holidays, many times I had the opportunity to receive the hospitality of your mother, when I came to your house.

    Her kindness and the culinary skills still linger in my mind and tongue. It is a pity that she is no more in this world. May be God want all the good people around him that he takes away good people from Earth.

    I pray to the almighty to give you the power to tide away this sad but unavoidable truth of life. Please call me if you are in need of any help from my side. I owe it to her for her kindness and hospitality I enjoyed at your house.

    Please convey my condolence to your father. I think he will able to pass this difficult period, if he stays with you for some days.

    A change of place will definitely help for that. In case you wish to do so, please call me so that I can make the travel arrangements for you two.

    Yours Sincerely,

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