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Sample Condolence Letter To A Friend

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    The death of a beloved one is a traumatizing moment ever faced in human history. Nevertheless, the trauma can be overcome provided relatives and friends can stand by the bereaved. One of the ways to stand by the grieved person is to send a letter of sympathy.

    Many people ask friends to write for them letters of sympathy and some buy them online or in shops, but that is not the right procedure.

    A letter of sympathy is the opinion of the sympathizer and must be hand written in own words. You do not need to employ the services of a proof reader.

    A bereavement card will not become a source of comfort to a friend unless the sender adds own hand written message.

    The sender feels a missing link between the message on the bereavement card and what he or she would have written. Nevertheless, you could make an order for a bereavement card to be designed in the way you feel will give comfort to a friend.

    The text has to include the names of the deceased and the friend you are sending it to. The disadvantage with such a letter is that it is costly to design and time-consuming. Below is an example of a sample condolence letter to a friend.

    Sample Condolence Message

    Title: Condolence message to the family of the late Graham Grins

    The family of Mr. and Mrs. Sogea wish to offer our heartfelt condolences to you our friend Boaz Guki for the untimely death of your father and our friend the late Graham Grins.

    The deceased was a hardworking man of integrity. May the Lord rest his soul in peace.

    Signed: Mr. Sogea

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