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Sample Employee Bonus Letter

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    Looking for sample employee bonus letter? We will guide you by giving example, format and tips which will help you in letter writing.

    Example Of Bonus Letter

    (Print Bonus Letter In Corporate Letterhead)


    Dear all,

    Another year has passed and the (Company Name) will once again be paying performance bonuses to eligible staff. Bonuses will be paid to all the staff in the company at the end of (date).

    Together with salaries, the performance bonus will be credited to your bank account. In terms of determining the bonus payouts and distribution of bonus pool, the Group Compensation Review Committee have deliberated on the matter.

    Their decisions have taken into consideration our shared accountability of the company performance as a whole, as well as the relative performance of entities, divisions, units and individual to ensure that our high performance culture is upheld.

    As before, we would like to remind all staff not to share or compare their bonus payouts with fellow colleagues as individual payouts are strictly personal and confidential.

    Such acts are strictly in violation of company practice as they give rise to unnecessary and unhealthy distractions.

    You should be notified of your bonus payout by the end of this month.

    Should you need further clarification, please discuss with your immediate superior or please feel free to refer directly to HR department.



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