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Sample Financial Hardship Letter

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    Financial hardship letter are letters written by a creditor to a financial service providers explaining their financial constraints and requesting for some sort of remedies depending on the situation involved.

    The letter may be to rrequest your bank to restructure your loan or to request for fees reduction by your school and many others. A well written financial hardship letter should clearly explain the hardship from a personalized perspective while at the same time being brief and as informative as possible.

    Since it is a request for special favors, the letter should also use a humble and a thankful tone. If needs be, documentation to prove the financial difficulties should also be included in the letter.

    The letters format entails writing some standard details at the letters top which include the borrowers name, the date, the leader and the loan number which is followed by the body of the letter.

    At the end of the document, the writer should include the borrower’s signature, the date and the signature of any some co-borrower. Although it should be on point, it is worth noting that a hardship letter has no words limit and so it should be made to create the required impact.

    Financial Hardship Letter For Short Sale


    Denny Crane,
    Contact Mortgage Ltd,
    2246 Fox River,
    Beverly Hills 90210.

    RE: Mike Douglas 223 Finlay Street, Michigan 56748 (Account Number 867597889)

    Dear Mr. Denny,

    I am writing this letter to elaborate my current financial situation and to seek the approval of a short sale of my property at 223 Finlay Street, Michigan 56748. Following my retrenchment, I am unable to satisfactorily meet my current mortgage requirements.

    I have been living in this apartment from June 1995 and I have been prompt in making my mortgage payments. However, following my job situation and the credit crush I can no longer be able to meet these obligations.

    An offer for $50,000 have been made on my apartment the reason about why am requesting a short sale offer from you. This is because it is the best offer I have had in my attempts to sell the apartment.

    Enclosed are my past six month documents to prove the current financial constraints that I am facing. Since holding on this apartment will only lead to further constraints, I have decided to sell it to be able to meet my more urgent needs.

    Yours Sincerely,

    Mike Douglas

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