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Sample Hardship Letter For Medical Bills

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    A hardship letter for medical bills is written when you cannot afford to pay your medical bills in time and need to make a contract with your medical service provider for smaller and periodical payments.

    Do not ignore to do so just because you feel embarrassed. Otherwise you will be harassed by professional bill collectors relentlessly. So what should you say in a medical hardship letter?

    Start the letter with all possible contact information about you, any account number related to you and any reference that you can come up with.

    Explain why you cannot pay the bills in time and your proposal for payment. Include actual numbers for total bills and the amount you are willing to pay.

    Attach any documents you think necessary and ask for a confirmation document upon receipt for tracking purposes. Given below is a sample hardship letter for medical bills.

    How To Write A Hardship Letter To Hospital


    (Providers name and address)
    (Fax number)

    RE: (Your name) (Address and social security number) (Account and reference number) (Date of procedure in question)

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    This letter is to notify you that I am unable to pay the bills for (service/procedure) on (procedure date). A copy of the bills that I have received recently has been attached.

    Let me clarify that I do not wish you to clear me of the charges without any payment nor do I intend fake any condition. For your consideration I have also attached my monthly income statement (if not possible then some kind of document that shows your monthly income).

    My income is enough to cover my regular expenses but too less to cover the charged medical bill of (amount) all at once. Therefore I propose an alternate solution (the periodical payment and for how long).

    If you find it inconvenience then please let know what alternative method do you have and I will try my best to honor the proposal.

    If you require any more information or documents please contact me any time you want (provide your personal mobile number). Thanks in advance for your consideration.

    Yours Sincerely,


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