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Sample Hardship Letter For Short Sale

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    Searching for sample hardship letter for short sale? When you are in a situation that you will not pay your home mortgage payment further, then you write a hardship letter about the reasons for your hardship to the concern people or your bank.

    You must explain your situation to sell your home for short sale. Enclose all the documents of your house and all the other necessary things needed for short sale.

    You should give all your financial needs to short sale your home and seek the approval for the short sale of your home.

    Provide your earnings details and your financial needs for your later stage of your life. Here is the sample hardship letter for short sale.

    Example Of Hardship Letter For Short Sale

    Peter Parker,
    76D Lexington Street,
    California – 30500.


    (Name of the creditor)
    (Address of the creditor)

    Subject: Short sale of the property (address of the property).

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am in a bad financial situation and unable to pay the mortgage payments for the last (number) months.

    I am unable to pay that in my future also because I have lost my job and lost my hope to get another good job. Now I am working part time for (salary details).

    I am in a need of more money to meet my medical expenses. So I decided to sell my property for short sale. Please go through my details and help me whatever you can.

    This is the most amounts (amount), I have for my property. So I think it is the great opportunity for me to relieve from my financial problems. I believe in you that you will do only the best for me.

    Please help me and free me from the problems. Please contact me (phone number) for any further details.

    Thank you.

    Yours Faithfully,


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