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Sample Interview Thank You Letter

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    An interview thank you letter can help you stand above the competition for a job while building rapport with the interviewer. The letter should cover several topics in a few simple paragraphs.

    An interview thank you letter needs to include:

    Addressing the interviewer by their formal name at the start of the letter

    • Your name and contact information.
    • The position for which you interviewed.
    • An honest but simple statement of gratitude.
    • A solicitation for feedback or follow-up by the interviewer.

    An interview thank you letter does not have to include:

    • Discussion of one or two common points with the interviewer such as shared alumni or acquaintances.
    • The names of others you interviewed with at the session, such as any team leads or potential coworkers who also met with you.
    • A brief but tactful mention of your qualifications or one characteristic that the interviewer thought distinguished you from the applicant pool.

    There are several niceties that should not be violated when writing interview thank you letters.

    • Do not take up more than one page.
    • You should not use the interviewer’s first name.
    • Do not speak critically of your current employer, supervisor or coworkers.
    • Avoid saying anything negative about yourself, whether it is blaming fatigue for poor performance or apologizing for being scatter-brained.

    Below is a sample interview thank you letter.

    How To Write An Interview Thank You Letter

    Dear Mr. Wong,

    Thank you very much for meeting with me yesterday for the sales associate position with Company X. I would enjoy working with you and your team at your XYZ location.

    Ms. Johnson seemed impressed with my familiarity with your customer base and current software line, which I learned about in two Master level courses at ABC University. If either of you has any further questions about my experience with your software, I can be reached at 972-972-9772.

    I will be calling your office later this week to discuss my availability for a follow-up interview. Thank you again for considering me for your team, and I hope to make a lasting contribution to your company.

    Yours Sincerely,

    (Email Address)
    (Phone Number)

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