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Sample Residential Lease Renewal Letter

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    Looking for lease renewal letter for residential? This piece of writing is primarily defined as a document that seeks to bind both the landlord and the tenant for a new term, after an old one expires. The lease gives the tenant the right to use and enjoy the property agreed upon by the landlord in exchange of some given amount of money.

    The lease also contains the rights as well as the responsibilities of both parties during the new term of the lease. The lease also contains the type of property being rented out, the provisions of any security and damage deposit, the term of tenancy as well as the address of the property being rented.

    This is so the case where the tenant selects a periodic term that may continue for a given period. For instance, one can take a periodic monthly lease that goes for one year. For such a person, every given month, they will need to write a residential lease renewal letter.

    In writing one, always try to get a sample residential letter, to make the process less daunting. The form allows you to change the terms as well as make new one if you wish.

    The tenants also get a chance to sit back and analyze any loopholes in the agreement. For the landlords, it is the perfect time to increase rent if need be. Here is a sample residential lease renewal letter.

    Example Of Residential Lease Renewal Letter

    George Martins,
    Ken Wood Apartments,
    123-8866, New York.

    22nd February, 2012

    James Hudson,
    Ken Wood Apartments,
    12235-456, New York.

    Re: Residential Lease Renewal

    Dear Mr. Hudson,

    This letter is a written notice of my humble intentions to extend the stay at my apartment, after the end of my current lease which is ending on 2nd march 2012.

    I have been satisfied with the services that the apartment has to offer and have decided to extend my stay here. The apartment is still in good condition and I will see to it that it is kept in these conditions during my stay.

    Yours Truly,

    George Martins

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