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Travel With Children Consent Letter

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    A travel with children consent letter is a letter or document granting permission of the parent(s) to the person who will be escorting the child.

    This letter is also necessary in cases where parents are divorced or separated and one wants to travel with the child(ren); in this case, it is necessary for one parent to obtain permission from the other parent. The consent letter would apply to children under the age of eighteen.

    Other Situations When a Consent Letter is Necessary

    A travel with children consent letter is especially necessary when divorced/separated parent(s), legal guardian(s), grandparent(s), or other adult responsible for the child(ren) would like to travel nationally or internationally.

    The parent(s) or guardian(s) who are NOT travelling need to sign the consent letter. If the father wishes to take his children on a trip to Mexico, the mother would sign the consent letter for approval.

    Reasons to Obtain a Travel with Children Consent Letter

    A consent letter acts as a legal document that details the agreement of granting the child permission to travel with a specified person to a specified location and for a specified time period.

    Moreover, it provides that the requesting person is responsible for taking care of the child(ren) who is/are allowed to travel.

    Furthermore, the travel consent briefs everyone on the terms of the agreement to for rest assurance and helps to simplify the boarding process at airports.

    Notarization of the consent letter is not required but recommended in the event that problems arise. Notarization is for the purpose of verifying the identities of the rightful parties involved.

    Moreover, a notarized letter will hold better in legal proceedings.

    Information to Include in a Consent Letter

    Information to include in travel with children consent letter includes:

    • The full name, address and contact information of the non-traveling parent(s) or legal guardian(s)
    • The kinship of the non-traveling parent(s) to the child
    • The traveling child’s name, age, address and date of birth
    • The location or country the child will be traveling
    • The full name, phone number and address of the person authorized to travel with the child and their kinship to the child
    • The relationship between the child and the requesting party
    • The dates the child will leave and the date when the child will return
    • A medical treatment consent form and insurance
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