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Sample Warning Letter To Employee

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    Looking for sample warning letter to employee? We will guide you by giving example, format and tips which will help you in letter writing.

    Employee Warning Letter For Misconduct

    (Print Employee Warning Letter In Corporate Letterhead)


    Dear (Employee Name),

    It has been reported of the increasing number of incidents whereby staff with system access were found to have abused the authorization granted to them by making non-work related inquiries into the personal financial and non-financial information of customers and staff alike for their own personal gain/reasons.

    Such misconduct is not only deemed as professionally unacceptable but is also in violation of Standard Business Of Conduct – Code Of Ethics.

    All staff are hereby reminded and be guided as follows:

    – Never inquire into the financial and non-financial information of customers and staff unless the inquiry is work related;

    – Information gained in the course of work must never be divulged, revealed and disclosed to any person unless required and permitted by law; and

    – Avoid conflict of interest, misuse of position and the misuse of information gained through the course of employment, either for personal gain or any reason other than that intended by the Company.

    All Head Of Departments (HOD), Section Managers are therefore required to brief all staff responsible, ensure that they read, understand and comply with the contents of this memorandum.

    The Management takes a serious view of these breaches and will not hesitate to institute strict disciplinary actions or dismissal against employee who fail to take heed of this warning.

    Please be guided accordingly.


    (Position Title)

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